Boom Adam Schiff Describes Melania As ‘An Extraordinarily Low IQ Person’

In an explosive report from Fox News, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff of California was caught on tape describing our most beautiful First Lady ever, Melania Trump, as “an extraordinarily low IQ person.”* How dare he!


Everyone knows that Melania Trump is not only the most beautiful woman who has ever lived on planet Earth; she’s also an Einstein-level genius who speaks 27 languages (28 if you count the unspoken language of love).

Schiff was playing golf with several fat-cat political donors when one of them decided to record Schiff’s words. His horrendous comments went beyond just the low-IQ zinger. Schiff continued:

“She’s a crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.”**

He had to admit her beauty, though, when he said, “You never get to the face because the body’s so good.”*** And he was even more specific when he commented on her kidneys:

“I love her … upper body.”****

Even with those compliments, though, he had to insult her a bit, too. “Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”******

Schiff is clearly a low-life excuse for a man. What type of man talks about a woman like this, whether she’s beautiful or not?

Who is Schiff to say this of Melania? Melania is “somewhat of a loser. She’s lonely. She’s unhappy. She’s very miserable.”*****

How could he make such nasty comments?

Schiff’s spokeswoman, Sandy Batt, laughed heartily, raised a frosty Miller Lite, and said,

“You do realize that every one of those quotes is directly from impeached President Trump’s mouth, don’t you? Adam Schiff is a decent human being and he would never be such a misogynistic pr*ck like Trump.”

If these comments offend you, take a look at who said them, then look in the mirror and reconsider your vote for Trump.

* Trump said this about Maxine Waters.

** Trump said this about Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

***Trump said this about Steffi Graf.

****Trump said this about Halle Berry.

*****Trump said this about Cher. Cher! Lord have mercy.

******Trump said this about Heidi Klum.

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