Elect;Cold Case Detectives Suspect Chelsea’s Biological Father May Have Killed Vince Foster

Detectives in Little Rock, Arkansas working on the Vince Foster cold case say they’ve got a solid lead. Former Little Rock Mayor Webb Hubbel, who is also known as Chelsea Clinton’s biological father, was reportedly present when Foster died. Until now, all reports stated that Foster died alone, by his own hand.

“There’s no doubt that Hubbel was there,” said Detective Joe Barron, “we have witnesses that saw him leave the area who were afraid to come forward 30-years ago.” Barron says he’s working on subpoenas for security video footage from the area.

Detective Sandy Batt added that Hubbel not only had opportunity but also motive. According to the report she plans to submit to a grand jury, Hubbel killing Foster makes perfect sense. It would have put a negative light on the Clintons and made Slick Willy’s re-election far more difficult. Or…he did it because he was still in love with Hillary and she asked him to. That’s probably why they covered it up and called it a suicide. In the end, Clinton won another term and Hubbel faded into oblivion until his death in 2017.

The Arkansas State Attorney’s office says it won’t look into the case until a law enforcement entity gives them logged evidence, which the detectives say is coming as soon as they get their hands on Vince Foster’s exhumation report and final autopsy.

The State Attorney also noted that the detectives are self-certified and have no actual evidence of anything. “We’re not even sure if this whole thing is real,” said spokesman Art Tubolls, “there’s a lot of trolling going on lately.”

Our researchers say it is real, patriots, even though it doesn’t reach the level of “evidentiary requirements” as the judge that tossed the last case like this said. At some point, one of these judges will have to take something other than what they see as traditional “facts” seriously and hear from someone other than the mainstream media.

God Bless America.

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