Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a former Phoenix reporter and news anchor, laid down a challenge to Arizonans and to President Joe Biden during an interview broadcast on Friday.

Lake told the TimCast podcast that she would not ask for federal government permission to finish sections of border wall that were not yet completed during then-President Donald Trump’s tenure while essentially daring Biden to “arrest” her for doing so.

“Illegals don’t ask permission to break the law. I won’t ask permission to build the wall,” Lake noted in a tweet containing a video clip segment of her interview in which she said:


I was down at the border, and within five minutes of arriving and stepping out of the vehicle, people were walking over under Joe Biden’s policy… President Trump’s policy, remain in Mexico policy was the best border policy I’ve ever seen in my 27 years covering Arizona. It worked.

And Joe Biden came in on day one and pulled that, and now we’re seeing a crisis. We need to build the wall, and first of all, we need to sue the federal government for failing to protect us, and while that lawsuit is working its way through the system, let’s go down and start building the wall.

We have many, many miles of Arizona state land we could be building an on, and let’s finish these little gaps. They’re coming through a funnel, where there’s a gap in the president’s wall, and it is on federal land, but let’s build the wall anyway. What’s Joe Biden going to do? Arrest a sitting governor?


“You think he would?” one of the co-hosts asked Lake.

“I would welcome that challenge because he’s failing at his duty. The federal government is failing us in Arizona,” Lake responded.

In March 2021, Lake posted a video to Twitter in which she publicly resigned from her profession, noting that after spending decades as a journalist, she grew disillusioned and did not like the left-wing direction her industry has been trending.


“Sadly, journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom, and I’ll be honest, I don’t like the direction it’s going,” she continued. “The media needs more balance in coverage and a wider range of viewpoints represented in every newsroom at every level and at each position.”


She noted further that over the past few years, she no longer “felt proud to be a member of the media.”

“I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way,” she said. “I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful, or only told part of the story. And I began to feel that I was contributing to the fear and division in this country by continuing on in this profession.”

“It’s been a serious struggle for me and I no longer want to do this job anymore,” Lake said. “So I decided the time was right to do something else and I’m leaving Fox 10.”

Lake, who is running for the GOP gubernatorial nomination Arizona against another well-known Republican candidate, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

“Few, if any, political operatives in Arizona have ever seen anything like Lake. When she left Fox 10 after 27 years as a news anchor in March, she recorded a video declaring that she walked away because she had to read news she didn’t believe was truthful and no longer felt proud to be a member of the media,” the AZ Mirror reported in an October story on her meteoric rise in the polls.

“Three months later, she launched her campaign for governor. Since then, she’s become a phenomenon: shooting into the lead in the crowded gubernatorial primary, confounding her opponents and surging to the front of the field with a populist conservative message and 27 years’ worth of name ID from her career in television,” the report added.

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