In an explosive report from Fox News, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff of California was caught on tape describing our most beautiful First Lady ever, Melania Trump, as “an extraordinarily low IQ person.”* How dare he!


Everyone knows that Melania Trump is not only the most beautiful woman who has ever lived on planet Earth; she’s also an Einstein-level genius who speaks 27 languages (28 if you count the unspoken language of love).

Schiff was playing golf with several fat-cat political donors when one of them decided to record Schiff’s words. His horrendous comments went beyond just the low-IQ zinger. Schiff continued:

“She’s a crazed, crying lowlife” and a “dog.”**

He had to admit her beauty, though, when he said, “You never get to the face because the body’s so good.”*** And he was even more specific when he commented on her kidneys:

“I love her … upper body.”****

Even with those compliments, though, he had to insult her a bit, too. “Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”******

Schiff is clearly a low-life excuse for a man. What type of man talks about a woman like this, whether she’s beautiful or not?

Who is Schiff to say this of Melania? Melania is “somewhat of a loser. She’s lonely. She’s unhappy. She’s very miserable.”*****

How could he make such nasty comments?

Schiff’s spokeswoman, Sandy Batt, laughed heartily, raised a frosty Miller Lite, and said,

“You do realize that every one of those quotes is directly from impeached President Trump’s mouth, don’t you? Adam Schiff is a decent human being and he would never be such a misogynistic pr*ck like Trump.”

If these comments offend you, take a look at who said them, then look in the mirror and reconsider your vote for Trump.

* Trump said this about Maxine Waters.

** Trump said this about Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

***Trump said this about Steffi Graf.

****Trump said this about Halle Berry.

*****Trump said this about Cher. Cher! Lord have mercy.

******Trump said this about Heidi Klum.

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