Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has demanded yet another policy that will enrage responsible patriots nationwide. Her latest demand? A new — expanded — retirement and pension plan for Congressional representatives, but only those who were elected in 2018 or later.

That means that she and the rest of her socialist, Muslim “Squad” would get the expanded benefits!

What is she proposing? It’s completely outrageous:

A lifetime annual pension payment that matches the current salary for the President of the United States. Right now, that’s $400,000!
An annual travel budget of $750,000.
A housekeeper every week.
A private chef for 14 meals a week.
A chauffeured vehicle to be ready in less than five minutes for any trips necessary.
Dog groomers.
Twice weekly visits from a manicurist, a hairstylist, a personal stylist, a yoga instructor, and a vegan raw diet consultant.
A private TV studio built in every former Congressperson’s basement so they can post professionally produced media as necessary.
Ilhan Omar, another member of the Squad, is said to have influenced Octagonal-Cortex to include the private chef in the retirement package.

She REALLY hates cooking and admits that she could never keep a man — except her brother — because her cooking skills suck.


Sandy Batt, spokeswoman for Alessandra Octet-Corpuz, was happy to explain when reached for comment about this proposal.

“AOC has a lot of incredible ideas, and she has figured out how to keep retired Congressional representatives from immediately signing up to be lobbyists after they leave office. This plan will make it comfortable for former reps to stay away from the riches of K Street. It’s a win-win.”

How will this all be paid for? Easy.

Take it out of the Social Security payments of current retirees, who have gotten much more than they ever paid into the system.

It’s time for them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and this is the motivation they’ll need to do so.

See? It’s pure genius.

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