The Federal Budget Office has released its list of grants and contracts for 2022, as required by law. One line item stands out and could use some explaining: Hunter Biden was awarded a $7 million “no-bid” contract for “consulting” with Ukrainian authorities over Burisma.


First, and most importantly, why is Hunter Biden involved with Burisma in any capacity after he embezzled all that money and took a $40 million bribe from the Mayor of Moscow? And secondly, why is that person being paid so much by our government to cooperate with someone else’s?

There’s something wrong when our own government is paying the child of a president to do a job they’re just not qualified to do. How much more time and money will be wasted trying to make Hunter Biden look good?

Jen Psaki refused to comment on the situation, calling it “more ridiculous satire from that Blair guy.” We’re not really sure what that means.

Hunter Biden’s publicist said he has no idea what we’re talking about, that his client has never met the Mayor of Moscow, and that he’d like his missing laptop back, if possible.

We shouldn’t be giving in to these people, patriots. These scandals are mostly fabricated to keep us angry and voting for extremists, but that’s our Go=given right as Americans.

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