Kyle Rittenhouse quietly filed suit against Whoopi Goldberg last week in the Wisconsin Western District US Court of Writs and Affidavits. Goldberg’s attorneys immediately filed a motion to dismiss. Just before the closing of business Friday, Justice Sandy Barron-Batt ruled in favor of Rittenhouse.


Rittenhouse is suing Goldberg for calling him a “murderer” on live television. Goldberg may have had the right to say that when he was arrested, assuming his guilt, but once he was acquitted, saying those things became slander and will now haunt the actress.

The View producer Art Tubolls says the show couldn’t really care less what Kyle Rittenhouse or his lawyers file, because “the 1st Amendment is a thing.” According to sources, the show plans to run a series accusing the young man of killing a bunch more people under an alias in a video someone found on YouTube. Sounds like they need to check their sources. YouTube is only credible for medical information.

Whoopi’s publicist refused to answer our questions, telling our reporter in the field, Skip Tetheluda, that “Ms. Goldberg is tired of these ridiculous stories. Please just stop it.”

We politely told her NO. The true Americans of this country deserve to be told their truth.

God bless America.

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