We all know the Democrats laugh in the face of God through their atheism and Satanic ways. That is their right as citizens, but it makes them unsuitable for government, being the Christian nation that we are. They fight to remove Christianity from our lives and we fight back. It’s a constant battle of good versus evil, light versus dark.
President Trump is a gift from God, sent to bring our country back to glory as God’s chosen land. He embodies many of the qualities of Christ and spreads His word throughout America. In these times we need that word more than ever and we are thankful that we have this president to deliver it. It is so obvious that Trump is Jesus’ messenger before His return.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saw fit to mock this today in speaking with her intern Sandy Batt. She at first appeared to be agreeing with the similarities between Jesus Christ and Donald Trump, but then her speech took a turn for the worst.

“I hear many people saying that President Trump embodies the virtue and morality of Jesus Christ. You know, I have to agree. Trump and Jesus are a lot alike. They’re both con artists who duped millions into believing their BS.

Look at Trump. His followers are a cult. They blindly believe everything he says and think he is flawless. It’s pathetic.

Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus did exactly the same thing. He convinced his own cult that he was the son of God, of all things. How ridiculous is that? How can you be the son of something that doesn’t exist? It’s hilarious!

Trump’s followers are generally God believers as well. They are the easiest to manipulate. After all people who believe in talking snakes and talking bushes and magical daddies in the sky who can do and know everything are obviously not the brightest people.

Jesus was a grifter. Trump is the same. Only idiots follow either of them.”

This is outright blasphemy. This woman has no place in government as she holds values that are completely opposed to what we hold dear as Americans. She needs to be removed this instant.

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