The Florida Supreme Court dismissed a case with prejudice against the Governor’s office brought by Walt Disneyy Incorporated LLC for breach of contract. According to Disney, the state of Florida is supposed to consult with its special administrative district before crafting laws that directly affect the state’s children.
The Supreme Court heard arguments for less than 20 minutes before putting a stop to Disney’s “frivolous” intentions. “The whole thing is ridiculous,” said Chief Justice Joe Barron, “Disney isn’t a special anything, and they have no say in the state’s legislative process.
Disney’s lawyers brought handwritten notes from the 1960s with promises made by politicians long since dead. The court rejected them on legal grounds as well as questioned their authenticity.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be a record of when or why Disney filed the suit, or what the desired outcome is. Skeptics of the company believe they may be trying to spread their grooming behaviors to the court, which wasn’t having any of it.

The mainstream media has mostly left this story alone, since there’s not a lot to go on, without an actual case, case number, date, or disposition. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn something. Anything.

God bless America.

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