The View, ABC’s failing daytime leftist propaganda show, settled its dispute with Kyle Rittenhouse for $22 million and a formal apology. The money is sent, but, according to young Kyle’s lawyers, the apology doesn’t quite cut it. Now, the trial judge in the case agrees.

“It’s a joke and an insult to that young man for them to say the things they did and then back it up with this ridiculous excuse for an apology,” said Superior Court Judge Joe Barron, “if they don’t fix it, they’ll be paying far more than $22 million.

The apology reads:

Does that sound like an apology to you, patriots? Free speech? Huh? How is calling someone names free speech? These people need to learn how to America, I’ll tell you what. The 1st Amendment only applies to what people with flags on their trucks believe, patriots. pay attention.

God bless America.

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