Former President Barack Obama will reunite with former Vice President Joe Biden next week to unveil the 44th commander in chief’s official White House portrait.

Biden and Obama will be joined by their spouses, first woman Jill Biden and previous first woman Michelle Obama, for the East Room function next Wednesday, as indicated by the White House.

The previous president’s representation disclosing was deferred during previous President Donald Trump’s organization because of the pair’s rancorous relationship. Trump, who is entangled in a legitimate conflict with Biden’s Justice Department over his treatment of characterized material, is currently having his representation painted, yet it is hazy when or how it will be divulged.

President Barack Obama is back at the White House and campaigning, with a focus on the midterms in November.

When Biden was giving a statement during George W. Bush’s confirmation hearings for his secretary of state nominee Condoleezza Rice in 2005, Obama passed a note to a staffer that read, “Shoot. Me. Now,” the book claims.

Obama also reportedly once told his close advisor David Axelrod that “Joe Biden is a decent guy but man, that guy can just talk and talk. It’s an incredible thing to see.”

Elsewhere, the book claims Biden “rolled his eyes behind Obama’s back at his aloofness and glad-handing with fellow pols” and was surprised by his so-called “humorlessness.”

Obama, however, thought that Biden’s repeated gaffes in public would give their rivals “ammunition.”

Their relationship improved when Biden became Obama’s right-hand man and they hosted weekly meetings together, the book claims.

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