“Even in a society known for its civility and deference to authority, many are reaching their limit.”

As expressed by American media publication Bloomberg, Canada has crossed over into unchartered political waters. Unfortunate it is that those standing on Canadian soil are not receiving the message from our media publications.

The situation reveals an unrecognized piece of reality– Canadian media function within a bubble of woke liberal messaging. When we say liberal, we also mean Liberal. As in, that which the ruling Liberal Government pay the press to communicate to our citizenship.

Unbeknownst to many, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has effectively purchased the pens of establishment media in Canada. The purpose is to propagandize the minds of the people of our country. Media exist today as a monolith of woke globalist propaganda.

It is the very reason why media messaging in Canada will not replicate American news delivery:

“The group in Canada has been championed on Fox News and by podcaster Joe Rogan, Tesla billionaire Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump.”

There’s a sentence we will never witness north of the 49th parallel. Never would the likes of the CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star lend legitimacy of this nature to the Truckers Protest.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have PM Justin Trudeau’s feelings on the protest:

“Freedom of expression, assembly and association are cornerstones of democracy. But Nazi symbolism, racist imagery, and desecration of war memorials are not.”

Such being the narrative among major media players in Canada: the protestors are vile, bigoted racists. For those readers in the United States, it may be difficult to comprehend the ways of government in our country.

The first thing to realize is that there are specific elements in our society which our ruling government hold in contempt. Rooted in the colonial nature of the founding of Canada, leading politicians continuously brand our communities racist. The king of the phenomenon being our prime minister, but he is not the only one.

Turns out that Justin. Trudeau has an ideological partner-in-arms in the form of NDP Party leader, Jagmeet Singh:

“Conservative MPs have endorsed a convoy led by those that claim the superiority of the wh*te bloodline and equate Islam to a dis*ase.”

Seems Mr. Singh is not a fan of the Truckers Protest. But not to worry– this form of degradation is not infrequent in Canada. Media does it, and our academic world indulge on a regular basis.

“As Covid fatigue turns into angst, weary government leaders must decide whether it’s time to start treating the virus as an endemic disease, like seasonal flu. Experts have warned that might be premature.”

So say the “experts.” Readers would do well to understand the meaning of this term. In Canada, an expert is a person who has a college degree and is willing to say exactly what our Liberal government want them to say.

For those unaware, the education system in Canada has over the decades become infused with Marxist propaganda. When looking for rationale as to why our country is today a self-loathing society, this is where it began. The founder is ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. It was he who opened the doors for the communist government of China to infiltrate the Canadian education system.

“Protests are expanding across Canada this weekend and are threatening to spill over into the U.S. with demonstrators planning a convoy to Washington, D.C.”

In the U.K., media deliver the following:

“US anti-vaccine mandate campaigners aim to mimic Canadian convoy tactic. American truckers attract thousands on social media for planned convoy protest to Washington DC.”

Smart money says the Canadian media bubble is about to burst. Is the Truckers Convoy going global? If so, the irony is palpable. We have here the most globalist-oriented media conglomeration in the western world. Yet, when the Truckers Protest is on the verge of going international, our media mention nothing of the sort.

Those who believe that media in Canada are a vehicle to deliver objective news reporting should think again. They are best described as a Justin Trudeau “protectionist propaganda machine.”

Yet, all good things eventually come to an end. The globalist charade may well come tumbling down. Government and media have spent the past six years building their political house upon sand. There is no bedrock in the world of woke liberalism. The superficiality that is Justin Trudeau can only last so long.

Though woke propaganda obviously exists in the United States, it is a large enough country to support a viable Conservative media alternative. Canada is not.

Thus, American media are getting the big picture. From democracy to pseudo-communism is the name of the game in Canada. The sooner our citizens come to terms with it, the greater the possibility Justin Trudeau’s ultimate goal can be prevented.

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