Wherever you look, it seems the Democrats are attacking the rights of senior citizens. They’ve tried to take away their income, their healthcare, their voting rights, their walkers, and more. They just never know when to stop.

Now they are at it again with the introduction of a bill from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that would take away the right to drive of those 65 and older. This would greatly affect retirees who would lose their mobility and their freedom to enjoy the life of leisure that they worked their entire lives for.

Speaker Pelosi was adamant that this needed to be done, stating that it was a matter of “public safety”, and she had much more to say:

“All these little old ladies and gentlemen on our roads are a hazard to all. They are so reckless, their hearing is lessened, and their reactions are much slower than they used to be.

Most importantly though, these people, because of their advanced age, no longer have their wits about them. It is a little known fact that humans, upon reaching the age of 65, go a little bit crazy.

They’re no longer able to make sound judgment calls and they are prone to thinking only of themselves. I don’t think I need to spell out how this could be dangerous for others on the road.

Getting the gray hairs out from behind steering wheels will save countless lives now and into the future. We don’t need any more buzzards circling over the highways.”

This is a load of rubbish. Pelosi herself is a fossil, well past the age of 65, and seems to be describing Trump. It’s time for her to go.


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