According to Glenn Beck, conservative radio and TV personality and author of the excellent “Being George Washington,” Brandon isn’t just in deep trouble of losing ground in the 2022 midterms and being handed a massive defeat in the 2024 election.

No, according to a confidential source that Beck says he can’t identify and gave him “no details” but assures his audience is privy to “jaw-dropping ” stuff going down behind the scenes, Republicans and Democrats are so furious with how Brandon is running the country into the ground that they might be willing to take drastic action to stop Brandon before he takes us on a one-way path to “suicideville.”

In fact, Glenn insists that, according to his source, the GOP will swiftly move to investigate and impeach Joe once they regain the reigns of power in 2022 because of all the awful stuff he’s done. Not only that, but the source insists that the reports and information that he’s seen indicates that the impeachment attempt will be successful.

Still, an impeachment might be less likely than that source predicts, and not just because it would be far more drastic action than RINOs like Lindsey Graham would likely go along with. No, the more immediate problem for the GOP, as Beck notes, is that Democrats will likely try to replace him before Republicans have a chance to humiliate them by tossing Brandon out by his britches.

Those comments came during an episode of the podcast Stu Does America:

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s all true, however.

On one hand, it’s eminently reasonable to expect that the Democrats are tired of the Brandon albatross hanging around their necks and weighing down literally every Democrat attempting to run right now. With Brandon’s approval rating in the gutter, policies failing faster than his mind, and the wag the dog attempt in Ukraine not working out as well as was probably hoped, he’s a heavy weight that they surely want to get rid of and will need to if they’re to win.

Similarly, the Democrats impeached Trump twice despite never really alleging any particular wrongdoing. They turned impeachment into something that’s just done to the other side to wear them down. Were Republicans Machiavellians or simply knife-fighters that enjoy gutter fights like Trump does, it would make sense to assume that they’d impeach Brandon with a vengeance.

However, both actions would be quite extreme. The Republicans might occasionally act angry to rile up the base, but it’s hard to imagine Dan Crenshaw or Lindsey Graham actually damning convention and doing something just to hurt the other side.

Similarly, Democrats might be ruthless, but tossing Joe out of office on the basis of the 25th Amendment would be cold, even for them.

Plus, both actions, a 25th Amendment removal or an impeachment, could easily backfire. Democrats would face questions over why they pushed someone that even they’re admitting is senile into office and Republicans would face steady pressure for impeaching a president without much of a cause.

Still, either option is still theoretically possible. We’ll just have to wait and see if Glenn and his source are correct or if this is another “Kracken.”


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