Democrats really convinced themselves that they’ve seen the last of Donald Trump. But the tide seems to be turning and the Donald might be making a comeback. We’ve got the polls to prove it.

Donald Trump was silent soon after leaving office. But now, even with a social media blackout, he continues to reach the public. He has been appearing at more and more rallies in swing states. The crowds are packed out, eager to see 45 once again.

And a new poll is throwing more fuel on the first for 2024.

From Daily Caller:

Two-thirds of Republican voters endorse former President Donald Trump’s potential bid for office in 2024, a Wednesday poll showed.

Fifty-one percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents of the new Morning Consult/Politico poll said that Trump should “definitely” run again, and 16% of them responded that he “probably” should launch a presidential campaign in 2024.

As we’ve been seeing since January of this year, Republicans by a clear margin want Trump to come back. The latest poll from Morning Consult/Politico (a liberal-leaning outlet) reveals that two-thirds of Republican voters want Trump to run again.

Donald Trump has not officially announced a re-election campaign. He has vowed to help Republicans win big in 2022. He has been hosting rallies in key states, campaigning for America-first candidates. But with each passing day, Americans appear to be losing faith in Joe Biden.

It seems many of them might be looking to Trump for hope.

Recent approval polls show that Republicans and independents have turned on Biden. In fact, even Democrats are starting to sour on the man. Recent polls have his approval around 38% with a 58% disapproval.

It seems Americans see a clear difference between Biden’s leadership and that of Trump’s. American appeared much better off with Trump at the reins, even during the hard times of 2020. Numerous polls from the Republican Party show that he is far and away the top candidate.

But will he finally seal the deal with an announcement? Signs have been pointing in that direction, but we can’t say for sure.

Perhaps this poll will convince him to let it slip?

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