14 racing teams have voided their contracts with NASCAR to form a new racing league that promotes free speech and believes in the American way of life. According to sources close to the movement, they aren’t alone.

Senior Vice-President in charge of recruiting for the new league, Joe Barron, says NASCAR is a thing of the past:


“As soon as they decided to embrace fascism and side3 with Antifa, they became an enemy of the people. Our new association will be called “USCAR, and we will rule the racing world.”

The 14 teams leaving the staple organization and forming a new league have decided not to release their names publicly until the dust settles on this whole “protest” thing, so they don’t get themselves labeled racists. Reliable sources that may or may not have direct knowledge of who they are have only divulged that the teams include some very popular drivers with nearly 5 wins between them.

NASCAR hasn’t commented, other than to wish any drivers and their teams looking to cut their ties a “happy retirement.” They obviously don’t understand that they aren’t the racing guru that they used to be, and just because people aren’t with them doesn’t mean their careers are over.

Life-long racing commentator, Art Tubolls, says the teams have signed their own death warrants and that their careers are basically over, but Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have both endorsed the movement, calling it “a great thing for the white people of America.”

Amen to that, brothers. God Bless USCAR!

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