(F. Eagleton ~ PatriotPartyPress.com) Representative Adam Schiff (D-WV) reportedly paid a boy and his family $7.6 million for an undisclosed lawsuit, sealed by the court in Morgantown. Sources inside Schoff’s inner circle say the lawmaker paid the family to keep them quiet about an incident between the grown man and their son.

No other details are available, but there are plenty of rumors circulating the internet. Nobody has outright accused the congressman of being a pedophile as of yet.

Some non-pedo rumors include a payoff for a drunk driving accident, the purchase of the boy’s mother from Thailand, and possibly a clerical error of some kind.

One thing everyone can agree on is that a public official paying off a boy’s family is probably a bad thing, unless it’s not. One person suggested that Schiff was giving the boy the money from a fundraiser, but it was determined that the boy had all of his hair and didn’t look like an old man at 9 or anything.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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