As justice Stephen Breyer prepares to round out his life as a private citizen and leave the mighty halls of the Supreme Court of the United States, President Joe Biden is making good on his promise to replace him with a black woman. And not just any black woman.

Just yesterday, the phone call to the Obama compound brought the offer to Michelle Obama, bestselling author, former First Lady, and, arguably, one of the most beloved women on the planet, to fill the upcoming vacancy. She accepted within a minute’s time.

CNN’s official court reporter, Joe Barron, covered the scene and gives us the details.

“Michelle Obama is absolutely elated for her newest position. Apparently, she and Biden have been in secret talks about it for more than a week, and today’s announcement is the fruit of those talks.

Everyone I’ve asked believes she will make a wonderful supreme court justice. The atmosphere can best be described as : ‘Obamanominal.’”

That’s “Obama” and “phenomenal” all in one kick ass word. Word.
With Obama on the Supreme Court, the makeup of the body will not change, with disgraced President Trump’s conservative majority still in place. However, Obama would give a breath of fresh air to the proceedings from here on in, especially with her empowering lemon buns.

“Those buns make me want to raise the minimum wage and make abortion completely safe and free,” said the usually silent Clarence Thomas. “The court is going to be much more accomadating with her in it.”

Obama’s confirmation is expected to pass easily within the week with Democrats holding a slim Senate majority. Die mad about it, conservatards.

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