Joe Biden says he can’t think of anyone more suitable for the position of Secretary of State than his “good friend,” Barack Obama.
According to a source inside Biden’s transition team, Obama is his only choice:

“Obama lent him that money after his son died, so he owes him big time. What better way to pay back a friend than with a $200K a year cabinet position?”

Biden says Obama is also on his short list of possible Supreme Court nominees.

Some insiders think Biden is keeping Obama so close because he really misses his basketball buddy, but others believe he misses his pecan pie.

One thing is for certain, and that is that embassy staff are beginning to worry. One staffer in the new Benghazi annex says she’s not ready to die:

“We all saw what happened when Hillary was Secretary. She sent squads of illegals to vote for the terrorists who killed the brave men in the old annex next door. She gave ISIS the rocket launcher that took down the Seals. She had Vince Foster murdered. And, of course…her emails.

“We don’t want a repeat of that around here. Obama should turn down the position.”

A spokesman for the Obamas says that the former President would absolutely answer the call if Joe asked him to serve. “Without a doubt,” he said, “though he’s hoping it will be because John Roberts retires and hands the Chief Justice gavel off to him.”

Constitutional scholar @Micuckforfreedom on Twitter says Obama can’t legally serve under the 14th Amendment, article 5, clause 3:

“He’s a traitor, and therefore ineligible to serve in any capacity. As a matter of fact, his entire presidency is unlawful and as soon as the Supreme Court hears our case, we will be striking it from the records.”

There is no such case pending, but we wish the cuck well. God bless you, Patriot. And God bless America.

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