Following her world-wide press tour for her best-selling book and a speaking tour netting her tens of millions of dollars, former first lady, Presidential candidate, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton is back with a vengeance. Mrs. Clinton appeared on a CNN panel Tuesday night where the topic of discussion was the coming election and the rapid vanishing of Donald Trump’s support base. Clinton went viral with some choice statements.


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CNN’s Director of Liberal Dialogue Joe Barron released a summary to the press of the remarks:

“Well I know he screwed over the blue collar workers in the so-called flyover States that he claimed he represented. The farmers, the truckers, the factory workers. They don’t want his bankruptcy-inducing policies. And that was before the pandemic. Women, I mean real women can’t support him and look at themselves in the mirror. Any woman for Trump just isn’t much of one. Black people and minorities hate him because they see his racism like Melania sees his crabs. Hah! He’s not even a good role model for Weight Watchers. No wonder his rally was a flop. He’s about as popular as Lindsey Graham in a whorehouse.”

Clinton has been a fierce opponent of the impeached President since winning far more of the voting populace over in 2016, but falling short of victory because of the electoral college system that America has used since southern Confederates lost the civil war and cried about not having enough representation even though they surrendered as traitors. But as a woman who very nearly broke the vaunted “glass ceiling” by being hundreds of times more qualified than a morbidly obese failed businessman, perhaps she deserves to chuck a few stones at Trump’s glass ego.

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