Medical experts from several different fields have examined the case of Joe Biden’s recurring broken blood vessels and determined that he most likely suffered a massive stroke and is unfit for duty. More than 91 percent of the experts we polled agreed.

Biden, who is known to forget things and dodder through entire press conferences, might not just be an old man on his way out the way Reagan was, but may actually be harming the country with his lack of leadership ability.

The stroke, according to DrVids4397, was significant enough to burst a blood vessel in Biden’s eye, live on national TV. While Drvids has no clinical proof or medical expertise, he found the information he needed to substantiate his claim by doing his own research.

The Biden administration denies the allegations, saying that the President has just been a little tired lately. “He’s 78 and doing the toughest job in the world. Maybe give him a break.”

But a break is the last thing he needs, according to QMedic12. “Biden should be up and as actively engaged with Russia and China as possible. He should also eat raw shrimp and get a formaldehyde enema, but who am I to judge.”

Homeomom4207 says Biden should step down and go back to Delaware, where he can live out his days nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and essential oils.

None of these experts believe that Biden’s administration can be salvaged, patriots, so we have to remain diligent, buy more flags, and learn fewer things.

God bless America.

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