The January 6th nonsense is over, patriots. A federal judge has granted President Trump immunity from the subpoenas of the January 6th Committee witch hunt.

Judge Cornelius Racker, an Obama appointee, ruled that executive privilege extends to this case and these subpoenas because Trump was the Chief Executive when it happened.

According to the United States Constitution Article 3 Section 11, Subsection 16, the President is afforded privilege and immunity from all common forms of law. Chew on that.

Armed with that simple fact, the judge had no choice but to shut down the lawless subpoenas issued by Joe Biden’s puppet, Nancy Pelosi.

Without any legal standing, the Republicans can now move to disband the kangaroo court in Congress and get back to investigating Burisma, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious.

Kevin McCarthy says he’s looking forward to celebrating this moment until the midterms when he plans to put his influence into action to create gridlock until Trump wins again in 2024.

After that, the future is unknown. We all know once Trump gets back in that he will never leave. Democracy as we know it is coming to an end, patriots, in favor of true Americans following our God-given leader until he asks us all to drink poison and hop on the comet.

God bless America.


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