The Presidential election of 2024 is fast sneaking up on us. A lot of questions remain dangling about what and who will comprise of the excitement in store. Will Trump run again, the elephant in the room? Will Biden? Harris? Stern?

What is for sure is that AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is launching a fact-finding commission to gague interest in a possible candidacy. The youngest and tiniest member of Congress has her sights dead set on the Big Chair, it seems.

Congressional aide Joe Konders introduced the Diminuative Dora the Legisplora this weekend as she spoke to a crowd in front of Kiki’s nail salon in South Jersey.

“I would like to announce that I have formed an explora-…exploramat-…finding out committee to see if there’s interest in whether or not I should be finna run for President. If I do, whoo boy, bitches! There’s gonna be some new and awesome shit going down in America’s house, THAT I can tell you!”

Cortez will be of legal age to run in the next upcoming election, and independent companies have already begun printing up campaign T-shirts, bumper stickers, and nail art. The Fine-ass Filibuster is extremely popular within her New York district and beyond.

The question is, Is her popularity enough to propel her from the tiny streets of downtown New York into the house on Pennsylvania avenue? It sounds like we won’t have long to wait and see!

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