The recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is a huge story, making headlines worldwide. Maxwell was the long time lover and partner-in-crime of the late Jeffrey Epstein. She had been with him for decades and knows everything about him and his life.

The massive amount of information in her head, which would include names of all the people who took part in Epstein’s pervert parties, made the possibility of her taking a deal from law-enforcement an inevitability. Reports from the DOJ indicate that a deal has been struck. Maxwell will provide the names of perpetrators to the feds in exchange for leniency in her sentence, the details on that as yet unknown.

But this leniency could be worth it. Leaked information from the Department of Justice suggests that Maxwell is offering up details of the crimes of many very high profile culprits. Some of the names being suspected include former President Bill Clinton, House Democrat Adam Schiff, Prince Andrew, Robert De Niro, presidential hopeful Joe Biden, Sheev Palpatine, and every other liberal that has spoken out against Trump.

Convictions of all of these people would shake the left to its very core and quite likely bring to an end their long-standing era of corruption and perversion. It is said that her testimony could take down every last pervert all by itself.

We’ll have to wait and see for all of the actual details, but gossip on The Hill seems to indicate that a major shake-up is on its way in Washington and around the world.

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