Hillary Clinton is not even in government but thinks that she still has the influence and power to create a policy for the coming Biden administration. Hillary Clinton spoke up today with her opinion on how the citizens of America should be treated.

Clinton has the opinion that the people of this country should be put in prison simply for giving their opinions. Specifically, she wants to throw in jail anybody who spreads information about the virus that goes against the official party line.

Obviously, this is dangerous. This is pure socialism. Suppression of facts that make the government look bad is a hallmark of communist regimes and Democrats aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

She made her thoughts known while speaking in front of a select group of her Democrat colleagues in a closed-door meeting. We were not able to hear the words.

“We have to do something about all the viral crap people are putting on Facebook and Twitter and Parler about. Some of the stuff that goes on there is so outrageous! It’s amazing that anybody in their right mind would believe it. But they do! And so they ruin all of our plans.

How did they come up with microchips and mind-reading and mind-controlling? I mean, if we could do that, of course, we would add them to the vaccine, but that’s not the case at this point in time. Pfizer was not able to meet our request in that regard. Dammit! I really had my fingers crossed for that, too.

Anyway, the BS they are spreading around is really hurting our chances of installing communism which, of course, is having everybody in their homes, not working or going outside or serving our needs in any way. It has to stop. So what do you say we just throw them in jail if they say put any of that bull online? Yeah? OK then it’s a plan.“

That is exactly how Hillary‘s speech may have gone behind that door. She is evil and power-hungry.

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