It’s official, patriots. When people look back at United States history, they’ll see that our finest scholars and historians have ranked Barack Hussein Obama the worst president ever to hold the office.

He’s worse than Carter. Worse than Clinton. Worse than Gore and Hillary combined. He’s not even listed as having a single accomplishment, other than dividing the country and reinstituting racism.
According to the official transcript:

“Barack Obama brought racism back to America. It had been squashed since 1963, when the Civil Rights Movement passed, but he had to remind everyone about the differences between the races, and how we should all “get along,” when we were doing just fine keepingt to ourselves.”

That’s my kind of history book, patriots. That’s no critical race theory garbage. That there is reality. We swept racism under the rug with poverty, addiction, and police brutality for decades. Why bring it back now?

The historians are part of an official panel that will provide free textbooks online to anyone who wants them. They’re staying anonymous to keep themselves safe from Hillary, but we know one goes by Leon.

That’s the news, patriots. Barack Obama is the worst. Ever. Leon said so.

God bless America.


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