It was humbling and slightly depressing to watch ratings juggernaut The View crumble and die under the weight of it’s own “wokeness.” With hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar mostly responsible for the show’s hot water bath, it’s almost a relief that it’s best days are behind it.


Now, in a surprise move, the ABC television network has announced the program’s replacement starting on February 31st this year. And it is a relatable refreshment.

The all new Joe Rogan Freedom Show will debut in the same time slot, about 11 a.m. on weekdays in all markets. The show will basically be a replica of the controversial and award-winning podcast performed by the D-list celebrity in current news.

Network administrator Joe Barron says that the Freedom Show will be exactly as advertised, with a minimum of censorship.

“We’re delighted to be working with someone as incredibly stupid as Mr. Rogan. He’s an anti-vax dipshit, yes, but we’ll cut to an old folks insurance scam commercial when that comes up. See? That’s not censorship. It’s capitalism!”

Rogan also intends to discuss a wealth of subjects, including flat earth theory, what’s going on with “Q”, Hillary Clinton’s email safe, and Hunter Biden’s ridiculous fake laptop story.

“He’s going to be Alex Jones and the MyPillow fruitcake all rolled into one during the day,” Barron mused. “We will have the GOP dumpster flock pretty much believing in Leprechauns by the time we’re done!”

Well…the ones that don’t pass away from the Covid 19, I suppose. Good luck Joe.

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