Hillary Clinton will finally spend some time testifying about her emails, as well as a slew of other crimes. Justice Joe Barron of the 364th Federal Court of Writs and Warrants has issued a summons for the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State to answer for decades of criminal activity.

Included in the line of questioning will be topics the American people deserve answers to. Why were 30K emails stolen from her server and destroyed? How much bleach did she use in defiance of EPA regulations? How many hours of sleep did she get while four patriots died in Benghazi? What was she thinking when she sold one-fifth of our yellow-cake uranium to Russia? How can she justify wearing a purple pantsuit with white shoes, especially after labor day?

These are things the American people need to know about. Clinton, who also runs a massive fake charity, can’t keep getting away with these things. The judge also released a list of potential witnesses against her and had the US Marshals pick them up for witness protection. They rented a small condo complex just outside Little Rock, where the trial is set to take place.

Prosecutor Sandy Batt says while it may be hard to prove, she’s also looking into questioning Clinton about the more than 200 murders we all know she’s responsible for. From Vince Foster to Seth Rich to at least a dozen people invented by satirists, Clinton has left a trail of death and destruction across the country for more than 50 years.

Let’s hope this puts an end to it all.

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