The DA says Alec Baldwin will be charged this week in the shooting of an innocent woman during filming on his move set. The announcement comes just hours after Baldwin said he’d never be charged because he didn’t do anything criminal.

The DA disagrees. According to our source who may or may have direct knowledge of the situation, Baldwin doesn’t understand how much trouble he’s in or why he’s being cheated, but that’s not the DA’s concern. His concern is to “see justice done.”

The DA, who asked to remain anonymous, has no actual jurisdiction over the case, and we have to emphasize that every claim we’ve made so far should have also included the phrase, “If this happened in my district.”

His district may or may not be somewhere in the deep red south, where Alec Baldwin has been convicted by the people of Facebook and Twitter and sentenced to death for his Trump impersonations. And also a woman died, yada yada yada.

We took to Facebook and found that Baldwin is, in fact, guilty of many crimes. According to a plethora of Boomers on the Fox News page, which is running a new Baldwin story every eleven minutes, Baldwin is to be charged with everything from negligence to treason for his actions on the set of the movie with the prop gun as well as on the set of SNL with the deadliest weapon: parody and a camera.

Hopefully, he gets what he deserves.

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