It’s one of the most popular television shows in the country, regularly appearing in the top 5 every week in the ratings. Huge portions of America hang on the naval investigation drama, waiting for the inevitable moment that heroes Leroy and Abby crack the clues and solve yet another case for justice and our boys fighting for our freedom on the high seas around the world.

Now, star Mark Harmon has gathered all the cast actors together to record a promotional campaign video for the Biden/Harris effort, complete with a phone number and website to collect donations. After only three days, the video’s received millions of views and raised nearly seventy million dollars, as opposed to Scott Baio, Tv’s “Chachi”, who made $21.65 going door-to-door with a plastic Halloween pumpkin for Donald Trump.

Joe Barron, who plays Seaman Dick Drinker on NCIS says the cast was overjoyed to help the Democratic candidates send Trump packing and off to a federal prison.

“Oh, Mark just suggested it the other day, and we were all in. From the stars to the camerapeople to the gaffers. See, the thing about NCIS is that the show is mostly viewed by older people, mainly Caucasian retired males, who have nothing better to watch because they can’t understand anything more complex. It’s basically ‘Murder, She Wrote’ for conwebbed husband’s. And where you have cobwebbed elders sitting around all day, you have trumptards. So we all felt we needed to make up for that. Every one of us is Ridin’ With Biden. Case closed, sailor.”


With the shows headliners contributing their star power and time to great success, other popular programs are considering similar efforts to aid our country in ridding itself of an embarrassing morbidly obese incompetent President. Rumors have begun to swirl around the next highest rated show, “America’s Got Talent.” It sounds like Joe and Kamala “got friends” in high places.

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