The Clinton family and its charitable foundation have been subjects of scrutiny for decades. It has long been thought that both the family and charity are criminal enterprises and they are constantly on the radar of law enforcement.

After the Clinton Foundation’s Haiti debacle, the works of the organization have been watched even more closely. State legal authorities all over the country are aware of its corruption and have been building cases both separately and collectively.

Now their efforts have paid off, with the State of New York issuing a cease and desist order to the foundation to prevent it from conducting any more business while their criminal case for fraud continues. The order was signed today by Judge Joe Barron and it is effective immediately.

Foundation lawyer, Jackie Chiles, raged against the decision in a recorded statement:

“This is ridiculous. This is egregious. This is outrageous. This is salacious. This is delicious.

We have done nothing wrong. This is just a witchhunt from the Trump administration. While we are shut down millions of people around the world will suffer as they are not able to receive happiness from us. That’s on Trump’s head but, of course, he doesn’t care.

Once the proper authorities resolve this, we will be launching lawsuits against them all. New York State, the Federal government, Donald Trump, Haiti, everybody. They’ll regret smearing the name of my client. This is an injustice and I won’t stand for it.”

It appears that the corruption of the Clintons may be catching up to them. After so many decades of criminality, they were bound to slip up. Now we’ve got them right where we want them.

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