Several weeks ago, a judge unsealed documents that had previously been labeled “executive privilege” directly related to the massacre in Benghazi. According to every official investigation, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton were responsible for what happened there in any way.

For years, Republican committees have tried to figure out how they managed to get away with this heinous crime, and now they may have found it: Joe Biden.

According to our source, who may or may not be credible, When Hillary Clinton went home and Barack Obama went to bed that night, Joe Biden was left in charge. He reportedly gave one order and only one order: Stand down.

The source of that order has been the subject of more than 21 Congressional and 519 private investigations into Benghazi. Apparently, Biden gave the order, and Obama covered it up.

Word is that once the Republicans take over in 2023, they intend to spend the next two years making sure nothing gets done in Congress but Benghazi hearings. The Senate will spend the bulk of its time focusing on turning Kamala Harris into the next “nasty woman,” and working out new ways to ensure minority rule for the next 30 years to forever.

It’s a great day for freedom, America. A great day indeed.



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