Former President Barack Hussein Obama committed treasonous acts against our President, Donald John Trump, and Trump says he’s got proof. Over a month ago Trump declared OBAMAGATE and never specified what the crime was. Well, now we know. Treason. And Trump will have none of it.
Donald Trump is known for never wanting to start controversy or accuse someone of something that they might not be guilty of. Trump has always tried to see the best in people. It’s always been his strongest trait. But Trump cannot hold back any longer. Obama is guilty of treason. And he knows it.
Senator Joe Barron (R-ID) knew this was coming. He had been a close confidant of the President and wanted to go forward with this sooner, but Trump was too busy saving us from a pandemic to be concerned with Obama’s dealings. While he was making America great again, Obama was working against him, and Trump put him on ignore. He had no time for games.

While Trump has no actual evidence and pretty much made up OBAMAGATE and the accusations of treason, it won’t matter to his shrinking and stupid base. These mindless lunatics will believe anything that falls out of his empty head and run with it. They’ll call any actual fact “fake news” and have temper tantrums about loser flags. Trump counts on that. Why wouldn’t he? Anything to make himself look better after being an abject failure at anything he touches is better than the alternative.

Whether it’s failing to control the pandemic, siding with racists, embarrassing himself and the United States on the world stage or taking a strong economy and destroying it, Trump will always fall back on Obama and OBAMAGATE and make stuff up about treason and the brainless confederate flag waving hillbillies will fall into lockstep.

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