It has long been established that Democrats cheat in order to win elections. They have undocumented citizens cast votes for them, they have dead people vote for them, have people of color vote for them, and the list goes on and on.

No, they have sunk to a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies seek to disrespect our troops even more than they have thus far through defunding and constant criticism of heroic acts. Pelosi announced today that she intends to bring forth a new bill that would disqualify members of the military who serve overseas from voting in the coming presidential election.

Most people automatically assumed that this was being proposed in response to Trump’s opposition to mail-in voting. A tit-for-tat situation. Pelosi knows that 95 percent of military personnel support Trump and saw an opportunity to eliminate those votes. The truth is actually much more sinister.

The announcement was met with snark and outrage from her Republican counterparts who called Pelosi an unAmerican fascist communist totalitarian Russian trader. The Speaker of the House was quick to respond:

“Voting is a privilege for Americans who will be affected by the decisions of the elected. Republicans have pointed this out to us many times. So I’m just playing along.

Some of these young men and women have been out of country for years. Why should they get to vote? They don’t even live here.

We need to strengthen our elections, not weaken them by allowing foreigners to participate. That’s essentially what these soldiers have become- foreigners. They’ve given up on being American by working for so long out of country. American elections are for Americans. There is some point to be made here, but I’ll figure that out later.”

Nancy Pelosi appears to be becoming quite senile in her old age. That loss of her wits has made her forget who our American military is and what do you do for us. They are, perhaps, the most American of us all.

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