In 1952, Senator McCarthy was in the midst of the hearings that would change the world. He would prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that people all across America wanted a communism-like state where everyone was treated fairly and given a fair shot at success.


They did everything in their power to take away what a couple built for their family. People who earned nothing were supposed to all of a sudden be our equals. It made no sense then and it makes even less sense now that we’ve made it past the point in our lives where change is possible and critical thought matters.
Now, because he’s a man of the people, President Trump has re-signed Senator McCarthy’s landmark law making any kind of Muslamic law illegal in the United States. That covers the three basic types:

Shaakira Law – The standard Muslamic practice they tried to rename “Sharia” in the 1990s when the name was suddenly popular in mainstream culture.

Shawarma Law – All meats under this law have to be prepared with Halal and cucumber sauce or it can’t be served on Rosh Hashana.
Sharuberria Law – The most extreme of Muslamic laws outside of the country of Islam itself. Under Sharubberia Law, subjects are required to worship to the East 43 times per day or face death, and all but the leader are only allowed the one word spoken by the Muslamic Moon God Allahu: “Worship,” which they pronounce “Ne.”
The law will make it impossible for any Muslamics to keep an office in this country without denouncing their own faith. It clearly states in the Quran that all political offices must first answer to the will of Allahu, which isn’t a real God in the eyes of America.

President Trump has once made America great again once again with the single stroke of his mighty pen.

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