Pundits across the political spectrum, are touting a scenario that could be our absolute worst nightmare, patriots. Political analysts have predicted that there is a chance that Biden will appoint Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court.

As if that wouldn’t be bad enough, they also predict that Biden would then appoint Hillary Clinton to the Vice-Presidency, with Kamala breaking the 50-50 tie before she officially retires.

How would that playout for the country? It would put us right back into the same place we were in 2016, patriots, and Trump would win again, so maybe that’s a good thing. Because as it stands, Hillary Clinton is literally the only person on the planet who couldn’t beat him, even with massive election interference, that’s how much energy was put into making America hate her.

Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen, but the possibility is there, and that should frighten you, patriots. How Kamala would pull off being nominated, resigning so Hillary could be appointed, and then voting for both herself and Hillary would be a matter the courts might want to take up, but we’ve seen how crazy they can be with all the election stuff.

They want facts and stuff and not just what regular people feel are obvious truths, patriots, and that’s what we need to change. We need to make our own obvious truths into everyone’s facts before we can truly Make America Great Again, Again.

God bless you, patriots. And God bless America.


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