The fake news media is reporting that the lawsuit Kyle Rittenhouse brought against LeBron James isn’t real. Multiple fact-checkers have said that the story originated from a satire website and that Kyle isn’t suing anyone.

That’s the problem with liberals. They don’t check their facts. The fact is, according to our source, which may or may not be completely or even mildly authentic, Kyle has turned down an offer from King James, as it was insulktingly low.

Everyone knows that people acquitted for murder are often awarded giant sums of money after a culty subset of society decides the accused is a hero. It doesn’t happen often, patriots, but when it does, George Zimmerman sells paintings of confederate rags for $100K

Kyle will bank, too. You’ll see. If not, we’ll just give him money. He’s a hero. That’s what not guilty means if the defendant is a well-prepared white kid with a face like a 12-year-old. It doesn’t matter that he’s Edward Norton Jr. in that one movie, he shot Antifas.

So, LeBron. Get ready to pony up a whole lot more cash than that, budrico.

God bless America.

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