The numbers are in, patriots, and it’s extremely disturbing. According to the National Center for Discretionary War Spending, or NICDEWS, $458 million of the money sent to Ukraine has gone through none other than the Clinton Foundation.

Our sources at the DEWS say the Clintons are involved in everything from money laundering to heavy weapons trading all over the globe to hide the origins of the money, and that in the end, they’re probably just gonna keep most of it.

The Clintons deny the allegations, saying they have nothing to do with Russia, Ukraine, or any US aid package funds.

Nobody at the US government could or was willing to corroborate their story. Why are the Clintons still involved in the government at all? Who knows. The Obamas are still getting a check as well.

According to the Justice Department, nobody will be looking into this. Nobody at all. It’s just sad.

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