President Trump has responded swiftly and fiercely to Nancy Pelosi’s outright disrespect towards Kellyanne Conway. According to the Security Office, the Speaker’s White House visitor privileges have been revoked.
The action came on direct orders from the President, who told reporters that Pelosi was a “disrespectful mess, and possibly drunk.” The Office of Information and Propaganda released this statement:


“Speaker Pelosi went too far when she told Kellyanne that she was just the help. Kellyanne Conway is far more than just ‘the help.’ She is responsible for the President’s daily schedule, his personal calendar, his health regimen, including his feeding and burpings, and his emotionasl well-being. She reads him books when he’s down and affirmations by Stuart Smalley when he needs inspiration. She’s also the only one willing to shampoo the upholstery in the Oval.

President Trump has made it clear: Kellyanne Conway is a part of his team, and if anyone is going to berate her and call her the help, it will be him.”

Of course, he would never do such a thing. President Trump may have been a bit of a philandering pig in his younger days, but none of that matters now that he can deny it with executive privilege, and that just drives liberals like Pelosi crazy.

President Trump is expected to move to have the Governor’s Association enter a vote of no confidence against Pelosi, which would start the ball rolling for a state-by-state recall of her position. 31 State Governors would need the support of their legislatures to proceed. God willing, this will work out and she’ll be no more.

You did this to yourself, Nancy. Had you answered her questions so she could translate them to toddler, none of this would have happened.


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