The View has told Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar that they must apologize to Kyle Rittenhouse, otherwise, they could be fired. Behar has said she’s open to some form of apology. Whoopi? Not so much.

The brazen celebrity has said again and again that she thinks Rittenhouse is, at the very least, guilty of manslaughter. She says that running around with a weapon like that pretending you’re there to do any kind of good is ludicrous.

As we all know, Kyle was acquitted, which means his actions are legally justified and nobody can do anything about it. Kyle now gets to demand apologies and sue everyone who was mean to him. It’s in the constitution.

Goldberg officially has until the first of the year to issue the apology, but that could change if Rittenhouse’s lawyers get tired of her bashing him. According to Joe Barron, who will be litigating the case:

“Kyle is a patient young man, but Whoopi is going backwards here. She’s on the air every day telling anyone who will listen that Kyle is a murderer. That’s not something you get to do after a person is acquitted, and now she’ll pay the price.”

Whoopi told us that she couldn’t care less what Rittenhouse says:

“That little turd has all the credibility of OJ or Casey Anthony. Nobody is gonna fire me because a bunch of cultists wish it was true. Get a grip.”

That may be good advice to take yourself, Whoopi. Get a grip. Before Kyle takes everything you have.

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