Last night it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from “The View” for the comments she made about the Holocaust on Monday’s show for two weeks.

According to the New York Post, Goldberg feels “humiliated” and is “livid” after being suspended. She followed the advice of the ABC executives and apologized for her comments.

Goldberg even invited, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt to come on Tuesday’s show to have a discussion with her.

Greenblatt accepted her apology and thanked her for it and for having her on the show.

“Deeply appreciate @WhoopiGoldberg inviting me on to @TheView today to have an important discussion on the importance of educating about the Holocaust. Whoopi has been a long-time ally of the Jewish community and @ADL and her apology is very much welcome.”

According to the NYP source, “She[Whoopi] feels ABC executives mishandled this. She followed their playbook. She went on ‘The Late Show With Steven Colbert’ and then apologized again on ‘The View’ the next day”.

Goldberg is not taking the suspension lightly and feels like she wants to leave the show. The source also told NYP, “Her ego has been hurt and she’s telling people she’s going to quit. Suspension from ‘The View’ is like getting suspended from Bravo. The bar is very low.”

We originally reported, “Whoopi Goldberg should be fired from “The View”, say ABC insiders, according to a shocking report from Page Six, which is a New York Post affiliated website. Sometimes reports can be refuted or denied and we must add that disclaimer.

That being said, Page Six is a reliable source that likely would not put their name on the line for nothing. In midst of a shakeup, after Meghan McCain left, and “The View” is on a search for a female conservative host, Whoopi recently made offensive Holocaust comments saying that it was “not about race”.”

“What bothers me most about this whole @WhoopiGoldberg (who btw I’m a fan of)… is it’s a non-Jewish person telling us what the Holocaust is…..if this was the other way around— the person would be off the show and cancelled by society.”

“Whoopi last night on Colbert: Nazis “had issues with ethnicity, not with race, because most of the Nazis were white people, and most of the people they were attacking were white people. So, to me, I’m thinking, ‘How can you say it’s about race if you are fighting each other?’”

We will see if Whoopi is done with “The View”, or if the two-week suspension gives her time to cool off and she come back to the show. This morning her co-host Joy Behar assured everyone that Whoopi will be back in two weeks.

The Recount shared the clip with the commentary, “You all saw the news. Whoopi will be back here in two weeks.” — The View’s Joy Behar starts today’s show by acknowledging Whoopi Goldberg’s absence following suspension for remark about the Holocaust “not about race.”

This all may be answered sooner than two weeks as ABC could also decide to let Goldberg go. This would leave “The View” down two hosts, they since haven’t had any luck replacing Meghan McCain but finding a replacement for Whoopi may be an easier task if it comes to that.


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