House Republicans are champing at the bit to launch a series of investigations if they manage to retake control of the chamber during November’s 2022 midterm elections.

And on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is most likely to take the gavel from current Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if his party wins control, added another probe to the list.

According to the Daily Mail, McCarthy

…vowed to investigate a finding from Special Counsel [John] Durham that Hillary Clinton was linked to the origin of the Russia collusion probe if Republicans take back the House in November.

Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions about allegations that her allies spied on the Trump campaign as the controversy continued to engulf her Tuesday.

“Special Counsel John Durham’s continued investigation into the Russia hoax is essential to getting to the truth and protecting our democracy, and because he has already uncovered several troubling findings, it’s clear that Congress must exercise its oversight responsibilities as well,” McCarthy noted in a statement to Fox News on Tuesday.

He added that majority Republicans would investigate whether “federal funds were used, whether federal office-holders abused their power, and investigate other disturbing elements of this spying scheme to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.”

It’s looking a lot like a GOP wash come November already.

First of all, the party in the White House tends to lose seats during midterm elections, and with President Joe Biden’s job approval already below 40 percent amid rising inflation, foreign policy challenges and a porous southwestern border, a red wave seems all but assured. Also, 29 Democrats have already announced they are retiring this year.

Following Durham’s bombshell filing late last week, a masked, disheveled Hillary Clinton waved away shouted questions on Wednesday asking if she authorized her 2016 campaign to spy on her rival, GOP president nominee Donald Trump, who has made the allegation for years.

A reporter from The Daily Mail asked her about the court filings from Special Counsel John Durham, but Clinton completely ignored the questions.

“Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions about allegations that her allies spied on the Trump campaign as the controversy continued to engulf her Tuesday,” The Daily Mail reported. “Exclusive pictures and video obtained by show a stoney faced Clinton silently waving away repeated questions of whether she spied on Donald Trump.”

Durham’s court filing said that lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower and the Trump White House in an effort to establish a “narrative” linking Trump to Russia.

Trump has also responded to the revelations and strongly suggested that more are coming.

“It looks like this is just the beginning, because, if you read the filing and have any understanding of what took place, and I called this a long time ago, you’re going to see a lot of other things happening, having to do with what, really, just is a continuation of the crime of the century,” Trump told Fox News. “This is such a big event, nobody’s seen anything like this.”

He said that he “didn’t have any” insight into the allegations included in Durham’s Feb. 11 filing until it was made public.

“Who would think a thing like this is even possible?” Trump said. “Durham is also coming up with things far bigger than anybody thought possible—Nobody ever thought a thing like this would be even discussed, let alone an act like this committed.”

“This is as bad as it gets,” Trump said. “They got caught and they’re trying to figure out what to say to dim it a little bit.”

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