When Donald Trump was president, he secured the biggest pay raise for our soldiers in many years.

He made sure that our military was the best in the world. And he did so by securing additional funding for our Armed Forces.

What a difference an election makes. Instead of arming and training our soldiers, Biden is pushing radical “woke” politics.

Republicans won’t stand for it and are demanding more funding for our troops. And even a few Democrats broke rank to help them.


The Democrat-controlled House Armed Services Committee adopted a Republican amendment to increase defense spending by nearly $25 billion…

In addition, the amendment reverses Biden defense spending cuts and fully authorizes combatant commander unfunded priorities.

Fourteen Democrats broke ranks and signed onto the Republican amendment.

While Biden was trying to cut spending on our defense, Republicans in the House pushed for an increase of $25 billion.

The measure might make it through because 14 Democrats supported the bill.

We might never know why Democrats seem to hate our military so much. Obama had little regard for our soldiers and weakened them tremendously.

Today, Biden is trying to slash funding, so that our troops aren’t properly prepared or equipped.

But it seems at least 14 Democrats disagree. Perhaps they are all former service members. Or maybe they represent districts with many military families.

Or maybe, just maybe, they understand we need a strong military to defend our borders.

That’s the craziest one, I know. But it just might be possible.

Now, the battle is seeing this amendment actually end up getting passed.

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