Kyle Rittenhouse has been making TikToks with his new girlfriend. When a user shared the videos on Twitter they went viral.

The videos may be tacky but it shows Rittenhouse happy and moving forward with his life. The videos opened the door and reminded leftists he is still around and free after being found not guilty.

He seems to be a normal young adult sharing videos on social media. They do a couple of lipsynced videos as well as one where she asks him a bunch of questions about her.

Twitter user @coldhealing shared the videos on Twitter, captioning the last one “sorry guys i can’t stop watching these”.


Two users commented on his girlfriend’s makeup:

“I need to see her without makeup”

“Fax thought I was looking at Paris Hilton”

Many Twitter users think she is only using him.

“By the time this is over, she’ll take him for everything he’s got.”

“He likes her more than she likes him Obviously wouldn’t be dating him if he wasn’t famous”

@tylerban shared “you can tell he hasn’t had many girlfriends before.”

Rittenhouse shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram, “Amazing day with my beautiful girlfriend!”

His girlfriend has a few posts of them together as well, one from May 30th.

The pair seem to enjoy each other. We wish Kyle the best and hope he continues to navigate his life well post-trial.

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