Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro went scorched earth on President Joe Biden this week, calling him a “wuss” who is “responsible for the decline of the west.”

During a segment on “The Five,” Pirro and co-host Geraldo Rivera had a tense exchange during a debate over Russian President Vladimir Putin ramping up his attacks in Ukraine.

After Rivera said the war wasn’t about Biden and was instead about Putin, Pirro disagreed and asked: “Why didn’t Putin do this when [former President Donald] Trump was president?”

“And I don’t bring up President Trump that much,” Pirro explained. “Okay? But I tell you right now that he didn’t do it when Trump was president because he knew that Donald Trump would come in ‘if you touch one hair, on one innocent civilian.’ He wouldn’t care about NATO or Non-NATO. And don’t tell me that Putin isn’t afraid of someone.”

“Biden is responsible for the decline of the west,” she added. “What we are seeing right now is … I can’t say the word, is a wuss. We’ve got a bully in the … playground yard, in the schoolyard, and everybody’s back at the fence.”

“Wait a minute, let me finish,” Pirro hit back.

“All we have to do is we have enough oil in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and we could be our own superpowers. But right now the Biden administration’s not only hurting the Americans and all this #BlamePutin TikTok nonsense. All this is crap. All he (Biden) has to do is turn towards America and let us be the strength. He is destroying the west,” Pirro continued.

Geraldo kept interjecting and asked how the judge knew if Putin wasn’t “playing Trump” the four years he was in office, and the judge replied, “He didn’t invade when Trump was president.”

“It’s not about loving Trump,” the Fox News host told Rivera when he told her he loved “Trump too.” “It’s about the fact that Trump had everybody against the wall. And don’t think it was anything different.”

Geraldo then tried to ask her how she knew if “Putin didn’t think that Trump would give him Ukraine away,” and she said she didn’t “give a damn” what the Russian president thinks.

“I only care about what Putin did,” the judge shouted. “And he was a wuss when Trump was president and that’s the end of it.”

The segment came after Fox News correspondent John Roberts announced on Monday that network journalist Benjamin Hall was injured in Ukraine while reporting on the conflict in the region.

“We’ve got a Fox News alert to pass along to you and this is news that we hate to pass along to you, but it’s obviously what happens sometimes in the middle of a conflict, a Fox News journalist has been injured while newsgathering outside of Kyiv,” Roberts said on Monday. “Very few details, but teams on the ground are working as hard as they can to try to gather more information.”


“A reminder, of course, that this is in a war zone,” Roberts continued.

“That information changes very quickly and we are working as hard as possible to get the best information that we possibly can and get all of the details on what has happened. The safety of our Fox team, of course, is of the utmost importance and our highest priority. More on this as we get it and again just to repeat a Fox journalist has been injured while newsgathering outside of Kyiv,” Roberts added.

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