Kyle Rittenhouse is done with criminal courtrooms, at least for now. But now there’s a new name front and center in Judge Bruce Schroeder’s courtroom.

Joshua Ziminski, whose errant gunshot during the August 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, played a crucial role in starting a series of events that brought Rittenhouse and Schroeder to the nation’s attention last year.

Ziminski has been re-arrested and had his bond increased from $1,000 to $14,000 after allegations emerged that he had intimidated a photographer outside of court.


Ziminski has been charged with felony arson and a misdemeanor count of dangerous use of a weapon for his actions on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, according to Kenosha News.

However, the case “hit a bit of a snag” last week during jury selection.

“Kenosha County Circuit Court records show that Kenosha defense attorney Terry Rose appeared before Judge Bruce Schroeder as jury selection was to begin and reported that his client, Kenosha amateur photographer Nathan DeBruin, had been intimidated by Ziminski,” the outlet reported.

DeBruin had testified during Rittenhouse’s trial in November. According to Rose, the photographer’s lawyer, Ziminski yelled at DeBruin as he entered the courthouse and demanded that he produce a photo taken of Ziminski at the riots.

“[DeBruin] was visibly shaken,” Rose said. “I told the judge about it, called it intimidation, and asked that Ziminski be penalized by being held in the county jail pending the outcome of the trial.”


Ziminski was re-arrested, according to WDJT-TV, and his bail was hiked to $14,000.

Last January, prosecutors indicted Ziminski for felony arson after video footage on his wife’s phone showed him starting a fire in a dumpster, asking fellow rioters for lighter fluid to help it spread, and pushing the dumpster into the road as police vehicles approached. Another video shows Ziminski at the scene of an overturned, burning trailer, “manipulating the fire with his right foot,” according to the criminal complaint.
Ziminski was also identified by police as the man who fired the “warning shot” that caused rioters to seize upon Rittenhouse, believing him to be the shooter.

“Police investigating the shootings identified Ziminski and observed that he was holding a black handgun, according to previously published reports,” the News reported.

“At one point, in a video near the Ultimate Gas Station on the southeast corner of Sheridan Road and 60th Street, Ziminski is seen pointing the gun to the sky, and the police observed a ‘muzzle flash’ and heard a gunshot at the same time.”

Rittenhouse, who was found not guilty on all charges in his murder trial last November, hinted last week that there will be “some accountability” for those who slandered him during his trial.

During a site down with Daily Wire host Candace Owens, Rittenhouse spoke about his trial and what his future plans might be.

Rittenhouse began by speaking about his life before the trial and how he was just a “normal kid.”


“I was a lifeguard, I was a swim instructor, and I was a firefighter EMT cadet, and a police explorer, so I just wanted to help people before all this. And I still wanna help people,” he told Owens.

A Wisconsin jury found Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges after he fatally shot two male attackers and injured another in Kenosha at a protest in August 2020.

Democrats and their allies in the media — including then-candidate Joe Biden — smeared Rittenhouse publicly both before and after the trial.

“It’s been hard” since the night of the attacks,” Rittenhouse told Owens, “definitely been waking up at night with cold sweats.” But at the time, he said, he “didn’t realize how big the case actually was until a few months later.”

“I was called a white supremacist, a vigilante, and those just aren’t true,” Rittenhouse said. “There’s going to be some accountability, Candace.”

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