Claims of Adam Sandler’s untimely death began to swirl on TikTok and Twitter as part of a bizarre trend.

The Hollywood actor caused a panic after unknowing fans caught wind of the videos that alleged he had drowned or been in a fatal accident.

But it turns out social media users were simply taking part in a madcap trend of telling people Sandler was dead while filming their reaction.

The majority of people responded to the fake news of the treasured New York native’s passing by becoming visibly upset and shocked.

But it has been confirmed that the Happy Gilmore star is very much alive and kicking.

What have people said about Adam Sandler death hoax?
The hoax has caused a stir online after some heartbroken fans began mourning the loss of Sandler before finding out he was still alive.

Creators of the trend have been hit with huge backlash from unamused fans, who branded the prank “sick”.

One Twitter user wrote: “Adam Sandler being dead is a lame hoax.”

While another commented: “I find death hoaxes extremely unfunny. Adam Sandler is not dead stop spreading fake news smh.”

“Whoever started the “Adam Sandler is dead rumor” is sick, & perverse,” a third added.

What is Adam Sandler doing now?
Sandler wrapped up Netflix basketball film Hustle in October 2021, which sees him play a struggling scout who discovers a star overseas player.

The Uncut Gems star joined forces with LeBron James’ production company to work on the film.

His new projects are currently being kept under wraps and the 55-year-old has been keeping a low profile – which only fueled the rumors of his death.

On January 10, 2022, he shared a poignant tribute on Instagram to the late comic Bob Saget following his death.

Sandler wrote: “Great man. Funny as hell. Such a nice person. Love to Bob and his whole family.”

Sandler voiced Dracula in the first three films of the Hotel Transylvania movie franchise and also acted as an executive producer.

He was replaced by Brian Hull in the fourth installment of the films.

If you’re on TikTok right now, you might come across multiple posts talking about Adam Sandler passing away. Many are under the impression that something has happened to the Hollywood actor and that he might be dead, but it isn’t true.

Often, celebrities fall prey to such hoaxes that make wild claims about their lives and even death. In the past few months, we’ve debunked speculations surrounding the false death of personalities such as Tim Healy and MrBeast.

After coming across TikToks that claim Adam Sandler is dead, the app’s users rushed to Twitter to see if these rumors were true.

For the past few months, several TikTok users are reacting to news surrounding Adam’s made-up death.

However, on watching a few more TikToks that date back to 2021, we realized that the rumors were started as a part of a trend on the platform, created specifically to see people’s reaction when told Adam is dead.

These TikToks make baseless claims, like saying the actor died by drowning or met with an accident, before revealing in the end that it was nothing but a sick joke.

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