Filmfest Hamburg Scraps Plan to Give Award to Ulrich Seidl

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The German movie celebration Filmfest Hamburg has adjusted its perspective on giving the Douglas Sirk Prize to the Austrian chief Ulrich Seidl.

 This is on the grounds that Seidl and his film "Sparta" have been blamed for being inconsiderate on set and taking advantage of kids.

The allegations against the creation about the functioning circumstances while making the film came up after our [festival programme] was at that point printed,

the assertion saidWe put the film on the timetable since we thought it was so great.

 It's an extremely touchy film about an exceptionally hard and no subject. The allegations against Ulrich Seidl are about the states of the recording

 The film will also be shown in competition at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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Investigation Seidl allegedly did not convey the film’s subject of child sexual abuse to his young actors,