Julianne Moore steps out with film director husband spouse

Last week at the Venice Film Celebration, she stood out enough to be noticed for her trendy look. What's more, Julianne Moore

who is 61, went out in Notting Slope, London, on Wednesday wearing a considerably more relaxed outfit. Her significant other of 19 years,

52-year-old movie chief Bart Freundlich, was right by her side. Julianne Moore and her husband,

movie chief Bart Freundlich, went out in London's Notting Slope on Wednesday, after she looked spectacular at the Venice Film Celebration.

Julianne looked cool in an all-dark outfit that included relaxed pants, a dark top, and a jacket that matched the top. She polished off her outfit with pristine

white tennis shoes and a baseball cap with the Celine name on it. This year at the Venice Film Celebration, Julianne was responsible for one of the juries.  

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The film celebration is held consistently on the island of Lido in the Venice Tidal pond. It draws the greatest stars.