Prince Harry Called 'Crown' Star Matt Smith 'Portrayal

Matt Smith says Prince Harry had the perfect reaction to his portrayal of his grandfather, Prince Philip, in “The Crown.”

Smith played Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in the first two seasons of the hit Netflix drama, and when the actor met Harry once at a polo match, he said the prince didn’t miss a beat.

“He rocked up to me and he went, ‘Granddad,’” Smith recalled during a visit to TODAY Thursday.

“I can’t claim to know if he watches ('The Crown') currently, but he watched a bit of it then,” Smith added.

The former “Doctor Who” star, 39, had plenty of fun anecdotes to share about his encounters with the royal family, 

including a lighthearted exchange he once had with the former Prince Charles, now King Charles III.

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Smith also said he once heard that the late Queen Elizabeth II used to watch “The Crown.”